Botox is an easy and safe non-surgical treatment that is used for prevent wrinkles developing or worsening because of facial expressions. Botox is the name for a drug made from botulinum toxin and it is injected with fine needles to the muscle.
What is Botox used for?
Botox is applied to prevent wrinkles and to have a youthful appearance on the skin. The wrinkles especially occur due to mimic and these wrinkles are especially effective frown lines on the forehead, crow’s feet (lines around the eye).It is also now being used to treat excessive sweating from the hands and underarms. Recently, it offers solutions to botox patients in the treatment of muscle spasm and migraine.
How does Botox Work?
The area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams 20 minutes ago. Firstly, the area to be treated is cleaned, the injection process begins and the injection takes about 10-15 minutes and is done in small doses with fine-tipped needles. Since there is no Botox filler, there is no swelling or fullness in the area. After the treatment, you will see how wrinkles are reduced and muscles are relaxed..
When does the Botox effect show itself and how long does it take?
After the treatment, Botox effect begins to appear within 3-4 days. The expected results will be occured 7-10 days. Generally, these periods may vary according to the person and the area to be treated. The persistency of botox changes to person to person. The effects usually last for 3-4 months. When the effect of botox lasts, the skin will be the same before the treatment but if it is repeated, the effects of botox may begin to last longer, after several treatments.

What are the Side Effects of Botox?
Botox is used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Regardless of how it is used, there is no side effect caused by botox. Although higher doses are given during the treatment, no side effects are observed in this case. During the treatment of Botox, minor bruises, sudden loss of sensation, eyelid drop in rare cases can be seen and but they pass in a short time. You need to work with reliable and experienced physicians in this treatment.
Who can get Botox?
After 18 years old, botox is suitable for women and men. Botox therapy is administered with confidence by the experienced physicians.
How Botox Helps in Excessive Sweating Treatment?
The causes of sweating should be investigated before treatment of Botox. The causes of sweating should known by the patient, such as hormone disorder or hereditary disease. Botox treatment is injected into the sweat glands after the doctor’s confirmation. When it is administered, botox provides a solution for excessive sweating and it decreases sweating.

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