Technological Applications

Baby Face Beauty Laser

Advanced laser technology LASEMD is a CDS which enables the application of cosmeceutical products on the skin and improvement in t...


Scarlet-S is also known as gold frequency, creates non-surgical face lift effect stimulates collagen and elastin cells in the midd...

Icon Laser

Icon Laser offers comprehensive breakthrough treatments on the aesthetic platform,it solves a range of treatments including skin r...


Thermage is a non-surgical and cosmetic application that provides tightening, renewing and contouring of the face and body skin, i...


Nourishing the skin is the most basic need so you can have a healthy and beautiful looking.

Ulthera - Ultherapy

Ultheraphy is known as focused ultrasound, is a procedure offered as an alternative to the aesthetic operations in skin rejuvenati...

Velashape 3

Velashape 3 is a technology that enables tightening, regional thinning, cellulite and stretch mark treatment by elōs and vacuuming...


One of the most important problems of the majority of women is cellulite problem.


Coollifting is an antiaging application that can be applied to every skin type and every age group which is preferred all over the...

Eximia HR 77

Eximia is a new technology that can perform the operations of 4 separate devices in a single system, which provides cleansing from...


The application of genital area aesthetics without surgery is called ThermiVa.


It is called OxyGeneo, is a method which offers 3 primary care in one time, which is separated from other skin care methods.

LPG Cellu M6

The LPG Cellu M6 is a massage method,applied with negative pressure to the skin and subcutaneous tissues an FDA approved endermol...

Jetpeel Skin Care

Jetpeel system is a treatment method that provides skin care with natural gas and saline, which is produced with advanced technolo...

G5 Massage Treatment

Skin massage with the device named G5 is called G5 Massage. With the help of push-tightening and fast vibration, it works on break...


Plexr is a device that is produced with the latest technology that applied with plasma for the treatment of diseases on the skin s...



AWT is the application to various parts of the body for a certain period of time by adjusting the intensity of acoustic sound wave...

Caci Quantum

The technology is called as Caci Quantum, performs procedures such as non-surgical facial lifting and body toning.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective method that provides to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.


Cryolipolysis is the method which provides permanent reduction of unwanted fats.

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