Under-Eye Light Filler

Under-Eye Light Filler

The process of skin renewal slows down after 30s. The skin begins to lose its moisture and it becomes to dry. Besides, thin lines around the eyes  appear and the skin is no longer smooth. As time progresses,while bruises, troughs and circles begin to appear ,tired eyes can often draw attention on the face so a tired expression occurs.Because of hyaluronic acid which is natural filler substance, under-eye can be bright and rested face as before.

What is Light Fill?

It is the general name of fillers which contains special hyaluronic acid designed to correct under eye and around the eye.

What are the effects of under eye light filler?

Under eye light filler is a substance which is produced specifically for under eye. This filler increases the quality of the skin around the eyes. With the restructuring feature, it is aimed to rejuvenate the eyes, to reduce the circle and bruises.

Is Under eye Light Filler Permanent?

Ater the treatment it persists 12-18 months even if it is not repeated, it is not worse than the old one.

Who is able to apply the Under eye Light Filler?

Under eyelight filler is applied to patients who has bruises and circles. Ageing is the most effective reason so it occurs and it helps to rejuvenate the skin and restructure the under eye skin. In other cases, patients who wish to benefit from this treatment, they can apply to experienced physicians and they can benefit from under eye light filler after check up.

Which areas are suitable for the under eye light filler?

The application area is around the eyes.

Sessions of Under eye light filler

Generally, under eye light filler lasts in one session and, if it is necessary, little corrections can be made after 3-4 weeks.



How long does the treatment last and does it affect the daily life? Is it painful?

It lasts approximately in 15 minutes. When it is applied with special and non-sharp cannulas, side effects such as bruises are not seen that’s why patients can immediately turn Daily life and it is not painful. This treatment is the least painful application in all facial fillers.

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