Velashape 3

Velashape 3

Velashape 3 is a technology that enables tightening, regional thinning, cellulite and stretch mark treatment by elōs and vacuuming method, in order to decrease the fat tissues in the body. It is not a surgical procedure and it provides visible thinning in the body without affecting daily life and this technology can be applied without affecting daily life.

How does Velashape 3 work?

The energy source Velashape 3 system it heats up the target area with its vacuuming method and infrared rays. During this process, the skin reaches the desired temperature without being damaged, and thanks to the heat spreading evenly, the fat cells melt, the appearance of cellulite is eliminated. Thanks to b-polar radio frequency energy, is enabled safe and targeted application. Thanks to the heat applied to the body, collagen and elastin cells in the skin are active. Active cells provide skin tightening, thinning is observed and the skin gains a form.

Usage Areas of Velashape 3

Although generally preferred for hip, abdomen and leg area, VelaShape ™ can be applied to the whole body thanks to the applicator prepared for wide and narrow areas.

When do effects of Velashape 3 effects occur?

Changes in the skin are observed within approximately 10 weeks after the application. Brighter, firmer and smoother skin is manifested over time.

2.5 cm in the abdomen, 1,5 cm in the leg area and generally in the range of 1-3 centimeters thinning is observed after clinical studies. If you pay attention to the daily life after the procedure, the persistence of the treatment will be successful at the same rate. Exercise and proper nutrition are the main rudiments that support the treatment.

Is Velashape 3 suitable for everyone?

Anyone who wants regional thinning, tightening and cellulite treatment can benefit from this technology. Apart from these treatments, those who want to regenerate their skin with Velashape 3, can have a comfortable and safe application. During the application there is no pain, on the contrary, the patients feel that their body is relaxed because it gives the sense of massage. The skin will appear more tight and shiny after treatment. Slight redness can be rarely observed, but this short-term effect will disappear within a few hours.

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